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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hi! Here is an interesting situation that I would like your opinion about.  Please enter your response to this in the <comment> section of my blog by clicking below. Check back on this blog for my reply to your comment.  Then you can <comment> on my reply and we can continue this chat!  Thanks!

The Second Skin
       Shelly came to the large university in the United States to improve her English and to become better acquainted with American culture.  When she first came, she lived in the graduate student housing and was able to make a few good friends.  Although she occasionally missed her home, she became adjusted to living independently from her family.  At the beginning of her second and final year abroad, she met another girl from her country, Rose, and agreed to share living expenses in an apartment.  Unfortunately, Rose has become very dependent on Shelly.  Rose speaks only their native language with Shelly. Rose wants to be included when Shelly goes out with her friends and Shelly doesn't want to be rude by refusing. She complains to herself, Rose sticks to her like a "second skin"!

I think Shelly have to tell her that they should use English and also the teacher help Rose to use English. That is why there are here. Espeacially, The teacher'
role is very important. For me, I also have had same problems. But, I realised by myself what I have to do. I cut all connection with Korean, Eventually, I am improved. What I am trying to make is The teacher' role is very important. Both Shelly and the teacher have to make her mind change that she have to use English

Hi Jung Yu Seok, thanks for sharing your response to the first prompt. It sounds like you have personal experience with that. I'm wondering what you think about this next prompt. I know young Americans like to spend money. What about in your country? Answer this prompt like you did the last one. Thanks!

Big-Time Spender

         Gail tries to save money from every paycheck.  She is dating Toby, a young man who enjoys having a good time.  He likes to eat at restaurants.  Although Toby pays, Gail thinks that eating often at a restaurant is an unneeded extravagance.  Toby also goes out almost every weekend to the movies.   If Gail does not agree to go with him, he goes with his male friends.  Gail admires Toby's enthusiasm; if it were not for him, she would not have an active social life.  Toby has proposed marriage, but Gail questions his judgment with money.  Is Toby capable of adjusting to her “low spending” style?

I will write you about your Blog Big-Time Spender. I think it is important to take care about the money when you are young, because when you still live with you parents you have the possibility to save more money. I like how Gail save money from every paycheck I do the same sometimes more sometimes less. And If Toby wants to marry Gail he also has to save money. The best way it would be when they would have a bank account together and they would save every month maybe 500 Dollers in this account.

In Switzerland the most people do it like this when they are in a relationship. They have there own saving account and one with the boy or girlfriend.

If Toby loves Gail really and wants to marry her he has to change his lifestyle, because to build a family is not easy and also not cheap.

The most people think they just can have fun if they spend a lot of money but this is not true. We also can have with less money. And sometimes to eat in a restaurant is important but not all the time. Cooking by your own is healthier :) 

      Thank you Esra for your well thought out response. It sounds like you are prepared ahead of time to make these important decisions in your life. These conflicts sometimes arise in my relationship with my husband. He really enjoys going out to eat and I prefer to eat at home to save money and cook homemade meals. Despite my cheapness, there are times where I will want to splurge and consent to my husband's wishes. At those times we have a lot of fun and I think it is because we don't make a habit of it. 
      I am thinking of another prompt to send to you in a few days. Talk to you soon:) 

Hello Esra! How was your weekend? I went on a very long hike to Mt. San Jacinto Peak near LA. It took me 8 hours total, but the view was worth it. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera to take pictures of the view but here is a picture from the internet. There is no snow on the top now. I think I will return in the winter to experience the snow with my children.
Here is another prompt for you to think about and respond to. Thanks!
On Camera, Like It or Not
         Alicia has never liked being photographed, but her boyfriend Mike likes to take pictures.  Frequently at parties they attend, Mike brings his cell phone and wants friends to snap their photo together, but Alicia hates to pose.  Mike also takes pictures of others at the party, sometimes to the point where Alicia doesn't spend as much time with him as she would like.  At parties, others who are like her avoid being around them.  Now Mike is learning to use the video feature of the cell phone, and wants to record conversations and other events at the parties and elsewhere.  He is always asking other women to pose for him.  When they go for hikes or other outdoor activities, Mike is always snapping pictures.  Mike just says he likes to have photos to remember the "good times."  Alicia isn't having a good time!  What should she do?